About Us

Proudly South African Online Boutique NURSERY

Glass Gardens is an online nursery selling exotic plant species and modern interior decorations. For now, we trade through this website and the occasional market. We are looking to expand and would love to display our products at a physical venue. Glass Gardens started in 2016. We would love to get to know you and hopefully share stories and create something special for your home or next event. Talk to us.
Living Art
Designed for the modern home owner

Our advantages

Environmentally Friendly

We use mostly indigenous species of plants and purchase from local suppliers

Low Maintenance

No special care needed. Terrariums retain moisture better than pots. The plants will do well on their own with just an occasional watering

Really unique and special

A lot of effort goes into designing and creating a terrarium that is truly unique and beautiful.

Carefully Packaged

Each terrarium or tillandsia comes in a box, that is carefully wrapped for transporting home safely

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