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Epiphytes: Plants Growing On Tree Branches by Glass Gardens

Epiphytes: Types of Epiphytic Plants and Their Care

What are epiphytes? Picture the thick, lush rainforests of the Amazon with it’s towering trees and large green foliage. The wet, humid conditions; with water running off the palm leaves, and colourful frogs perched on the slippery branches. It’s a dense, moist and tropical jungle. Everywhere you look there is greenery, from the bright neon […]

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A wire grid on the wall with air plants attached to it

What’s the Fuss About Air Plants?

Introducing the Tillandsia This genus of around 650 species in the Bromeliaceae family are becoming a big hit with plant lovers. Tillandsias, commonly referred to as air plants, are an evergreen, perennial flowering plant, native to the Americas. They are a popular choice for an indoor plant, and are also extremely water-wise. Care is minimal, they don’t […]

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An old drawing of a wardian case terrarium in black and white. The history of the terrarium.

Wardian Case: A History of the Terrarium

Who hasn’t seen the popular, indoor, glass planters? Those round bottles with the narrow necks and cork lids, home to several small ferns and other greenery growing happily within them? Or perhaps you have seen a large glass structure, in the shape of a green house or dome, with small window frames and plants growing […]

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Air plants being bathed and cared for in white bathroom

How To Care For Your Air Plant

Air Plants are referred to as such not because they can live on air alone, but rather because they require no soil. It is one of the most common misconceptions and often the reason behind the Tillandsia not surviving. Taking care of an air plant is really simple when you follow these three steps below: […]

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