Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata


Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata, also known as the false Tillandsia, is an epiphytic bromeliad found in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.  It grows from sea level to 600m altitude in hot, sunny regions of the Americas. This tough species is able to survive sprays of strong salty winds and considerable dry periods.

This air plant is also grown as a terrestrial bromeliad, meaning that it does equally well in soil. Aechmea recurvata grows to about 30cm in length and has smooth, stiff leaves that forms into a compact rosette. The leaves are greenish-red and have spiny-teeth around them.

The inflorescence is showy with bright orange-red bracts and pink to violet flowers that poke out towards the top of a thorny bright red crown. Plant in full sun to light shade – colors best in bright light. Irrigate occasionally to regularly. A nice addition to the succulent or rock garden where it can be planted in well-drained soil on rocks or driftwood.

Interesting fact: It belongs to the same family as the pineapple!

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Aechmea recurvata var. recurvata is a variation of recurvata that grows in South America. This bromeliad is a hardy, epiphytic species that blooms a pink flower in Spring.

It is very similar to a Tillandsia in appearance, however, upon touching the plant the texture and feel of the leaves are quite different. The best comparison in terms of similarity would be a pineapple. Of which they both belong to the same family of plants.

This bromeliad has low water requirements and can be grown potted in soil, or strapped to a branch or piece of wood/cork.

It is a super rare species from South America and a must have for any bromeliad collector. Just remember to be careful when handling the plant as the leaves have sharp spines.

This plant is posted bare roots ( Without soil or pot).

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