Cubed Glass Terrarium with Cacti

The three “Tiger Tongue” cacti protrudes out of the rocky ground, rising in parallel to a single pinnacle of rock. This beautiful terrarium was hand made and designed. It represents the rocky dry lands of South Texas, where the plant originates from. This slow-growing species is easy to take care of, and requires only a small dosage of water once a week. The glass is geometrically cut into a cube.

The spineless prickly pear is a great addition to the landscape for those seeking a cactus form, showy blooms and bright red fruits (tunas). Beware, although it doesn’t have long sharp spines, the tiny glochids (slivers) are very irritating to the skin if the plant is not handled correctly. Grab the pads between the glochid dots.

This terrarium is unique, and will make both a special and lasting addition to any modern household or office desk.

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Square-shaped geometric terrarium with three “Tiger Tongue” Spineless Prickly Pear cacti. This terrarium’s design and landscape is inspired after that of South Texas. It mimics the dry, arid rocklands of that area. The terrarium was made using cut glass and water-sealed using silicon. It a sturdy, beautiful terrarium for the modern house or office desk.

This is a slow growing species of succulent. Water it by dripping several spoonfuls over it once a week. This species is incredibly durable and can go for long periods without water. Dropping or pouring a small amount of water around the base of each plant is the perfect way to maintain it.

The product comes packaged in a nice box that is well padded for transport.

Also, this is one of a kind.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 22 x 22 x 25 cm

Tillandsias // Air Plants

We have an extensive collection of Tillandsias. They are an incredible epiphyte that grows naturally in Central and South America. They are simply magical and do well as a standalone piece or displayed in a terrarium or mount. These are some of our favorites:

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