Large Fishbowl Terrarium With Succulents

Two small succulents creep out between a rock crevice. This symbolizes the on-going battle between nature and the elements. These hardy little species grow naturally under the harshest of conditions, yet thrive. In nature the seedlings sprout better if protected by a rock or another plant, thus provided additional shade from the beating sun.

This fishbowl terrarium is inspired by the African Bushveld where plantsĀ are often seen grouped among rocks that had provided shelter to them when small. This succulent terrarium is unique, and deserves a special home. It makes for a great addition to a coffee table or centerpiece. It is both low maintenance and a great talking point. Enjoy.

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A round fishbowl terrarium made with high-quality glass. This masterpiece was made with great care and patience. It represents natures battle against the elements, and how plants are able to grow despite the difficulties of the harsh African sun. The two small succulents are growing out of a crevice in the middle of the terrarium. There are two flat protruding pieces of rock and several smaller stones in the center of the fishbowl. Around the sides the terrarium is lined with course Bushveld sand.

This terrariums is around 30cm in diameter and has a height of around 20cm. From each angle one can picture a different scene. It is a beautiful addition to your modern household or interior.

Care instructions: Both plants are succulents and are able to survive long period with little water. I suggest spraying water just around the base of each plant once a week, or when very dry. The rest of the bowl and interior needs not be watered.

This terrarium prefers good natural light. It is also one of a kind, and is a unique creation.

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 25 cm

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