Kilimanjaro Stone Terrarium

Out of the black, volcanic rocks grows a true survivalist. This hardy succulent – Senecio “Kilimanjaro” grows gracefully. Surrounded by remains of old trees the plant inspires hope.

This glass terrarium makes for a beautiful desk or table piece. A wonderful indoor planter.

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This steep-walled glass terrarium is a unique and inspiring creation. I have called it “Kilimanjaro Stone Terrarium”. This is both because the black stones resemble the eroded, volcanic slopes of the mountain, whilst the plant is commonly named “Kilimanjaro Plant”.

The plant is Senecio “Kilimanjaro”: a perennial succulent with thick silvery-green leaves that form a tight, clustered rosette of foliage. It is a wonderful specimen and grows particularly well in containers. This succulent is well adapted to drier landscapes and prefers good sunlight.

Senecio “Kilimanjaro” is an evergreen broadleaf plant that produces yellow flowers in summer. It has a low water and maintenance requirement.

This terrarium is inspired by the bare, steep slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Surrounding this mighty peak is a rich grasslands, home to an abundance of foliage and animals. Yet on this volcanic mountain the slopes are void of vegetation due to cold and drier conditions.

So this terrarium represents that small amount of plant life that manages to persist despite the difficulties. Among the small plants in this glass their are a few remnants of trees ( dried sticks) from another time.

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Dimensions 16 x 16 x 22 cm

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