Oval Terrarium with two succulents (Medium)

Two indigenous succulents are seen sprouting out of the rocky landscape. This dry, clay-covered terrain represents that typically found along the Namaqualand. It is designed and built with that beautiful scene in mind.

The two green shrubs are both Crassula tetragona, with the one being a variation. Crassula tetragona is a succulent plant native to Southern Africa. It is widely distributed from the Orange River boundary of Namaqualand to beyond the Kei River in the Eastern Cape. “Tetragona” comes from the phyllotaxy of the leaves.

They are familiar with the harsh, arid conditions in South Africa. Thus they are well suited for the lazy indoor gardener. This modern oval-shaped terrarium is perfect for a coffee table or office desk. It offers a 360 view of a little living landscape.

This modern terrarium is one of a kind, and no others like it are for sale.

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An oval-shaped terrarium with two assorted succulents inside. This high-quality, oval terrarium is around 25cm in height with a diameter of 20cm. This glass terrarium is a representation of the rocky outcrops found readily in the Namaqualand. The two species of succulents are both Crassula and found growing indigenously in South Africa.

This succulent terrarium is one of a kind and makes for a great living art piece to any coffee table or work desk.

The plants are low maintenance and require a light watering once a week. The terrarium should be placed in a spot that receives sufficient, natural light.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 25 cm

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