Tillandsia Aeranthos “Miniature”

This air plant is a miniature variety of Tillandsia aeranthos. As well as being rare, the air plant is smaller, and has more leaves than the standard Tillandsia aeranthos. Producing offsets all year, it clumps rapidly and forms an attractive dense ball in just a couple of years.

This cultivar could possibly be part of the more popular Tillandsia aeranthos ‘MiniMiniMe’ (ca 2.5 cm diam) which have small rosettes of leaves.  Because of its size, Tillandsia aeranthos “miniature” is a perfect choice for terrarium growing. When in flower, delicate purple flowers are suspended on an almost magenta floral bract.

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Tillandsia Aeranthos “Miniature” is very similar in characteristic and care as T.aeranthos. The coloring of this plant is a very healthy, clean green hue with leaves that are stiff and sharp to the touch. This variety will bloom in wonderful fashion, showcasing flowers that are both purple and pink.

As this is a rare, miniature variety, it can be displayed as a standalone piece, placed on a small bed of rocks, or strung with a piece of wire in a display.

It  grows into an exquisite, tuft clump.

This air plant requires moderate lighting and watering. Because of its smaller size it may require additional care during drier, hot periods.

Tillandsias // Air Plants

We have an extensive collection of Tillandsias. They are an incredible epiphyte that grows naturally in Central and South America. They are simply magical and do well as a standalone piece or displayed in a terrarium or mount. These are some of our favorites:

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