Tillandsia Aeranthos X Tenuifolia

Tillandsia Aeranthos X Tenuifolia is an attractive hybrid from the Eastern coast of South America. This air plant formed naturally from Tillandsia aeranthos and Tillandsia tenuifolia. It was collected in Argentina by botanists during the 1980s. And from there the specimen was named “Gordon C”.

It has hardy, gray-green leaves that are thinner than T.aeranthos, and produces a magnificent blue flower. During blooming the spike turns a bright pink, where from the flowers appear out of.

Tillandsia Aeranthos X Tenuifolia will offset after flowering and form into a clump. Overtime you will have a nice cluster of multiple air plants.

It has moderate water requirements and prefers strong light. It can be grown without difficulty from a wire or placed in a tree/rocky feature.

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Tillandsia Aeranthos X Tenuifolia is a naturally occurring hybrid from Argentina. The hybrid is formed between Tillandsia aeranthos, an air plant found along the low grounds of the Eastern coast of South America. T.aeranthos is a small, xeric species that grows in small clusters. It is very similar to that of T.bergeri, but only offsets after blooming. And Tillandsia tenuifolia, an evergreen air plant with short, needle-like leaves.

This hybrid, Tillandsia Aeranthos X Tenuifolia, can often vary in appearance and color. Sometimes it takes after the one species over the other. Regardless of which parent it takes after, it inherits the hardiness and clumping-trait.

As this species is a product of nursery stock grown over many years from a single specimen, it has been classified as ‘Gordon C’ and remains more consistent in color and size than one would find out in the wild.

This air plant does well in South African conditions, and will form into a large clump after blooming. Whilst the specimen is a single plant you could soak it in water once a week. In the hotter seasons this could be done twice a week.

The plant can grow on a rock feature, a branch or tree fork and also on a wire. Remember that it prefers strong light.

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