Tillandsia Bergeri


Tillandsia Bergeri is an air plant from Brazil. It grows natively in parts of Buenos Aires on the steep rocky cliffs. It is known as one of the fastest clumping species of air plants, and grows all-year round.

Tillandsia Bergeri is well adapted to the dry, sunny conditions of Brazil, and thus does particularly well in South Africa. The leaves are covered in trichomes which give it the gray color. This allows it to absorb nutrients from the air, whilst reflecting excess sunlight. After watering, you will see that the leaves are green. That is an indication that the air plant is doing well.

Tillandsia Bergeri is a great air plant and easy to care for. It does actually bloom, but prefers to focus on producing offsets. The flowers are a violet-blue.

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Tillandsia Bergeri / After the German botanist, Alwin Berger, beginning of the 20th century / is an air plant with gray-scaly, pale-green leaves. It produces wonderful whiteish-blue petals. Their leaves are tough and linear and grows quicker than most other Tillandsias.  It doesn’t bloom every year but rather focuses it’s efforts on growing into a large specimen clump. It can form an attractive ball over time, and is suitable for being placed in a tree or hanged with a piece of wire. Tillandsia Bergeri is a very common air plant in South Africa, and can be seen growing in large clumps on trees and telephone lines. It does well in the dry, arid conditions of the country.

Spray occasionally with water. And depending on the size, you can submerge it for several hours to rejuvenate the plant in the hotter seasons. This air plant can tolerate dry, windy conditions without any attention, but additional care may be necessary for smaller individual pieces until they start clumping.

Tillandsia Bergeri is a perfect beginner’s air plant.

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