Tillandsia Capitata “Peach”


Tillandsia Capitata “Peach” is an air plant from the rocky outcrops and forests of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico. T.Capitata, meaning ‘Tillandsia with a head’, was named in 1866 by botanist Grisebach. The “Peach” variety could be a newer cultivar.

This air plant has bright, tubular flowers with dark yellow stamens that appear after the plant blushes during bloom. The plant’s rosette can grow to about 38cm in diameter.

In the wild Tillandsia capitata grows on rocky cliffs, often exposed to full sunlight for long periods at a time. This being said, the air plant does not like to remain damp. After watering, ensure the water drains off the plant and there is sufficient air circulation.

During flowering the plant goes from a light greenish gray into a wonderful salmon pink color. This is where it inherits the name “Peach” from.

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Tillandsia Capitata “Peach” like most air plants are easy to grow. They are a prolific propagator and will produce multiple pups after blooming. When the plant does bloom it blushes a beautiful peach color. The vibrant purple flowers against the peach colored leaves is a lovely site to be seen.

As this is a larger air plant the preferred method of watering is to soak the plant. Place the plant under running water or soak in a bowl for several minutes. Ensure that the plant is shook dry and no water is left to stand within the leaves or base of the air plant.

Tillandsia Capitata “Peach” prefers natural light and should be placed in an area that provides sufficient sunlight. Being found from sea level to 2500m this air plant is able to adapt to various climates and geographic conditions.  Capitata Peach is drought tolerant and missing a few days watering won’t hurt it. Fertilize sparingly once or twice monthly, usually during the soak.

This air plant is one of our favorites and a best seller!


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