Tillandsia Cyanea

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Tillandsia Cyanea is an air plant native to the rainforests of Ecuador. This species has long dark leaves and a pink spike in the center of the plant. Tillandsia Cyanea is called Pink Quill and is often grown as a potted plant. The roots develop similar to that of a regular plant, and provides support, as well as, additional nutrients.

Tillandsia Cyanea is best planted in a well-draining medium. There are soil mixes available for orchids at most nurseries, and this will do fine.

The air plants grows to around 25cm in size and produces wonderful violet-purples out of the pink bracts during blooming. T.Cyanea can be grown indoors or outside, and prefers a good watering and frequent misting.

Our T.Cyanea are about 20cm in length and have the pink spike present. They are sold out of soil.

Get your own Pink Quill for your air plant collection today.

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Tillandsia Cyanea is a species of air plant native to the rainforests of Ecuador. This flowering bromeliad is commonly referred to as Pink Quill because of it’s large pink spike.

This pink spike is made up of several bracts from which violet flowers appear during Spring and Autumn. The Latin word “cyanea” means purple and it refers to the intense purple-violet hue of the flowers.

Tillandsia Cyanea has grass-like leaves that are dark green and hardy. The plant can grow to be around 20cm in height and width, and will produce offsets.

Tillandsia Cyanea is an air plant that you pot in soil. It develops a strong root network that not only provides the plant with support but also takes in additional nutrients from the soil.

Because of our dry conditions this air plant is best potted. In the rain forests the plant receives sufficient moisture from the air and thus allows it to grow epiphytically.

Plant T.cyanea in a regular cacti or orchid mix. Ensure that the soil is fast-draining. Allow the soil to dry out in between waterings and feed with a diluted fertilizer once every month. If the plant sits in water that is too moist for too long it may begin to rot.

It is also important to mist or spray over the leaves of the plant during watering. This removes any dust build up and increases humidity for a short period.

The flower spike can be cut off when it has dried. The old growth will not bloom again. After flowering Tillandsia Cyanea is showing new offsets at its base. Those will maybe bloom after some months.

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