Tillandsia Fasciculata

Tillandsia fasciculata, or the giant, cardinal air plant, is a bromeliad species popular because of it’s large size and straight, grey to grey-green leaves. This air plant is found growing down in Argentina in the South Americas, all the way up to Florida in the United States.

The plants are stemless, and form a compound inflorescence with inconspicuous flowers in the axils of showy, creamy yellow, reddish, orange to yellow floral bracts and lilac petals. T.fasciculata often grows in clusters, with each one having 20-30 long, stiff leaves.

It is a majestic species that does stand out in comparison to smaller species of Tillandsias. It is well worth the purchase and a very rewarding and interesting plant!

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Tillandsia fasciculata is a large, epiphytic bromeliad. This air plant has a wide geographical and ecological distribution. Thus making it tolerant to a variety of conditions. It habits both mesic and xeric environments ( such as rainforests and dry thickets or woods). It prefers to grow in dry, protected areas, where water isn’t going to sit in the cups of the leaves for extended periods of time.

Tillandsia fasciculata adapts in size and form according to area. The air plant can vary in size from 20cm to 1m. Tillandsia fasciculata is widely used for Christmas decoration and ornamental use in large parts of its native range and is likely to be collected for the horticultural trade.

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Tillandsias // Air Plants

We have an extensive collection of Tillandsias. They are an incredible epiphyte that grows naturally in Central and South America. They are simply magical and do well as a standalone piece or displayed in a terrarium or mount. These are some of our favorites:

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