Tillandsia Kolbii

Tillandsia kolbii is an air plant variation formed with T.ionantha and T.scaposa. It looks similar to most other ionantha varieties with the exception of having slightly longer leaves and a short inflorescence.

It is found growing natural in Guatemala and the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca in Mexico.

Named after the German botanist, Max Kolb, this air plant species is a great addition to any collection. It prefers slightly cooler conditions and requires more frequent watering in areas that receive long periods of sunlight.

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Tillandsia Kolbii is found growing in Guatemala and the southern states of Mexico. It is a variety of ionantha, but has less leaves, which are longer and stiffer. It also produces that typical violet purple flower during blooming. Tillandsia kolbii produces a short inflorescence from which the flowers protrude from.

An adult size specimen is around 10cm in height and 8cm in width.

Tillandsia kolbii prefers full sun to partial shade and offsets pups after flowering. It requires moderate to frequent watering depending on how hot the conditions are.

Tillandsias // Air Plants

We have an extensive collection of Tillandsias. They are an incredible epiphyte that grows naturally in Central and South America. They are simply magical and do well as a standalone piece or displayed in a terrarium or mount. These are some of our favorites:

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