“Terrariums that rock!”

Each terrarium is a unique living landscape, often inspired by an existing wilderness.
The plants are carefully paired with the right soils to ensure a perfect symbiosis.
This organic architecture placed within glass allows you to experience the outdoors from every angle.
Terrariums are the modern indoor planter, the new potted plant. Suitable for any office, desk, centerpiece or gift.

A miniature piece of nature within your house, bringing with it peace and tranquility.
Terrariums can last for many years, growing with you, and offering endless amounts of scenery and excitement.
Terrariums enjoy long hours of indirect sunlight, and can do with a light spray of water when looking dry.

Plants offer a reconnect with nature, and being indoors they act as air filters that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. We promise you that each terrarium is absolutely unique.

It’s one of a kind, just like you.

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