Tillandsias // Air Plants

Air Plants: “Look mom, no soil!”

These exotic, near-indestructible and trendy plants are perfect for the modern indoor gardener. Air plants are ideal for somebody looking to add a tropical element to their gardens or home.
Don’t have green fingers? Tillandsias are low-maintenance and can easily survive with very little care. In fact, they are one of the easiest plants to grow because they require no soil; and take in nutrients from the air.

In the wild, Tillandsias are found growing on tree branches, rocky cliffs or just atop the desert sands. They have little or no root systems, and are primarily used for anchorage. Air plants produce some absolutely stunning flowers, and can bloom into fragrant, multi-colored features.

Mount your air plant to a piece of cork or driftwood, dangle it from a wire, or place them in a tree or terrarium. Group them together to form stunning decorations or living centerpieces.

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